Grandville High School

15 Students Qualify for DECA State Competition!

We are proud to announce that the following students qualified for the Michigan DECA State Competition.  Their qualification was determined based on exceptional performance on a written examination as well as a face-to-face judged presentation.  
Good luck to these students as they represent Grandville High School:
  1. Anjelino Sharkey-Elena - Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

  2. Chase Bailey - Principles of Finance

  3. Brendan McCatty - Principles of Marketing

  4. Brennan Crevier - Principles of Business Management

  5. Scott Kremers - Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

  6. Jake deBoer - Principles of Finance

  7. Tyler Francis - Principles of Finance

  8. Isaac Phillips - Principles of Business Management

  9. Bryce Henning - Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

  10. Alexis Kaanta - Human Resources Management

  11. Emily Podsiadlik - Principles of Marketing

  12. Jerman Juarez - Human Resources Management

  13. Kalli Gibson - Principles of Business Management

  14. Merin McDermott - Apparel and Accessories Management

  15. Ellie Muilenburg - Apparel and Accessories Management

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