GHS Dress Code

Daily Dress Code Rules

Students are expected to dress appropriately for the learning environment. Student clothing that disrupts/distracts the learning environment will not be allowed inside the building. Administrators will have the final say regarding whether clothing disrupts/distracts the learning environment. Students will not be permitted to attend classes or school-sponsored events until their clothing meets school standards. The following standards will be considered when making a decision regarding inappropriate clothing:

1. No undergarments may show at any time. This includes being visible through sheer fabrics.
2. Pants, skirts and shorts must appropriately cover the body and undergarments.
3. Clothing with holes/rips should be avoided.
4. All shirts must come to the waistband of the pants (no part of the abdomen may show) and have a modest neckline.
5. No part of the clothing may allude to gangs, profanity, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or have inappropriate sexual connotation.
6. No hats, bandanas, or hoods of sweatshirts. Headbands are to be worn only for hair management.
7. No outdoor coats are to be worn during the school day.
8. Footwear and clothing must afford appropriate protection in the event that a student must evacuate the building at any time of the year.
9. Students may not wear wallet chains, studded or spiked jewelry, or other accessories that can represent a safety threat.
10. Costumes or other attire that is outside of social norms will not be permitted as it represents a distraction to the learning environment.
11. Athletic uniforms that are worn during the school day must meet dress code.
To see other GHS rules, including disciplinary procedures, see the Student Handbook.