Grandville High School


About RoboDawgs

Location: Robotics & Engineering Center, 4900 Canal Ave. SW, Grandville, MI 49418
The mission of the Grandville High School RoboDawgs is to:

· Improve the academic performance of all our students
· Teach our students to work as a team in the spirit of gracious professionalism
· Help all team members develop real-world engineering and technology skills
· Finish in the top half of all robots in the field competition at most robotics competitions
· Graduate a large number of RoboDawgs into Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math programs at four-year universities
· Help all our students explore four-year college opportunities and apply for college scholarships


The Great American Boat Race
In the fall, students race programmable, autonomous boats that employ guidance from GPS satellites to run a course at speeds up to 35 mph without human assistance.

Students compete in VEX Robotics League. The VEX competition involves building small (fitting into an 18 inch cube) robots to play a specific game. In league play, students compete against area schools. Our students regularly play their way to the VEX World Championship.

In the winter, students build full size (120 pound) robots that compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. The students do the work! They must organize their teams, prototype their robotic systems, and work together to build a robot that can successfully play the current year’s game. The game the robots must play changes every year, but each year the robots compete in alliances of three teams on a 27 x 54 foot field. The atmosphere is like that of a major sporting event. What the students learn about engineering, physics, teamwork, and general life skills is immense!

Other Projects
CNC: To support our program, a well- equipped machine shop has been developed at the Robotics and Engineering Center (REC). Through generous donations, a CNC mill was purchased. Students are now being trained to use the skills acquired in their CAD classes to design and build metal parts from the initial drawing to an actual, physical product. Some of our students’ work has recently flown on a NASA rocket.

High Altitude Balloon Flights: Beginning in the summer of 2013, the RoboDawgs have launched a number of high altitude weather balloons. Tracked and retrieved via onboard GPS units, these balloons have carried cameras and other instruments as high as 25 miles above the surface of the earth.

Student Mentoring: As a team, our students mentor other robotics teams across the state. They have even mentored two Canadian teams via a telepresence link. RoboDawgs also mentor our FLL (FIRST Lego Robotics) teams on the elementary and middle school levels.

Academic Support

In order to remain active with the team, every Robodawg must maintain their grades. RoboDawgs are students first. The team has stringent academic requirements. Every student must maintain a 3.25 GPA and a C+ or better in every class. However, our competitive schedule takes them out of school for more than 20 days during the year. For this reason, we run a dedicated study hall four afternoons a week, starting in September and running through May.
Adviser: Mr. Evele