Grandville High School


About Executive Board

Freshman Executive Board is a leadership opportunity open to all students. The board serves the freshman class by planning and executing all freshman-related homecoming events and by raising funds that the class will later use to plan prom. The board serves the school by recycling plastic and working in the "Dime Store." Students can expect to attend a meeting before school, once per month, for half an hour. They can also expect to occasionally spend an hour after school helping with an event. The busiest time is homecoming, when students may spend 2 hours after school, three different days during the week.
Adviser: Kevin Randall
Sophomore Executive Board helps organize events and encourages school spirit and involvement among class members. Snowcoming is the main event planned by the sophomores. We have weekly meetings throughout the year, but the time commitment is more during Homecoming and Snowcoming weeks.
Junior Executive Board provides a leadership opportunity to students who are interested in getting more involved in both the school and the community. Junior exec board participates in homecoming activities. We are responsible for getting kids
signed up for the assembly games and making a banner. Junior exec board runs a fundraiser for the current school year's cause. We are in charge of Prom and we need to organize ushers for the senior assembly, baccalaureate, and graduation. We meet roughly once a month, more right around Prom.
Senior Executive Board allows students to be in charge of their own class’s enjoyment in their senior year. Being on executive board is fun and challenging and a big responsibility. But, it gives the board a very positive sense of ownership and pride in events they have planned and completed. These seniors organize all of the following:

1. Designing and selling their senior class shirts
2. Fundraisers to pay for events for the seniors. Each year the fundraisers vary due to the students that
create and plan them.
3. Community Events: Toys for Tots and the Student Service Auction
4. Spirit Committee: two free senior only cookouts, the DAWG boys, powder-puff, spirit busses, and spirit
5. Snowcoming: planning the spirit days, the prince/princess crowning, and the games at the assembly.
6. Senior Dinner Dance and Mock Elections
7. Graduation

Each officer and committee head has specific responsibilities to report back to the adviser with. Everyone is involved at all events.
Adviser: Kari Wiest