Grandville High School


About Close Up

Close Up is an exciting and unique educational program run by the Close Up Foundation, the nation’s largest civic organization, designed to introduce high school students to the history, governmental structure, and political culture of our nation’s capital. From small-group seminars and workshops, to meetings with congressional members and staff, to lobbyists and embassy officials, students’ government and history classes come alive, as we will spend one week in Washington D.C. In addition, Close Up members will visit museums and monuments, making this an unparalleled learning experience and offering students an insider’s view of our history and government.

The financial commitment to this trip ranges from $1500-1800 per student depending on the time of year we go (winter or spring). This price covers instruction and access, social events and activities, all meals, lodging and transportation, including flights to and from Washington D.C.

To cover the cost of the trip, Close Up runs a variety of fundraisers during the school year. While these fundraisers will help alleviate the financial requirements, students are also encouraged to raise additional funds on their own. There are also scholarships available for qualified participants.