Parent Permission Form

Oct. 5, 2022
Dear Parents and Guardians of GHS Students, 
School libraries are an important resource for students. As a reflection of our District Strategic Plan, we value a library collection that is representative of our students and community and provides opportunities for students to learn and grow. Such a collection includes books of varied topics, reading levels, and genres. Good fit or just right books vary for students based on these and other factors. Not all library books are a good fit for all students.
To help maintain a library collection in a space comfortable for all families we will be creating a separate collection for adult fiction and non-fiction books. These will be books in our current collection that are specifically written and reviewed for adult audiences. Parents and guardians will have the option to restrict the ability for their children to check out these books.
It is important to understand that adult targeted books are based on a variety of factors including adult topics of interest and potential character connections. Adult books include topics such as auto and home repair, biographies of historical figures and novels by authors like James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks. Parents who choose to restrict access to this section can send permission for their child to check out any specific book they do approve. 
To set this restriction for your child, or to opt your child out of library check out entirely, follow these quick steps:
  1. Log in to your Powerschool parent portal.
  2. Choose Forms from the left side menu.
  3. Choose the GHS Library Permissions Form.
This form is only necessary to restrict check out for your child. Students without a completed form will retain full access to the school library. 
We encourage parents and families to take an active role in promoting reading, monitoring reading choices and even helping their student(s) select books. Here are some important ways for families to be involved in reading selections: 
  • Talk with your child(ren) about their and your current reading selections. You can have great conversations about books without having read them. Ask about main characters, the plot, what the student likes and dislikes, etc. Share details about books you have read and are reading.
  • Visit our online library catalog to help students choose high interest books. Make a reading list for future book selections. 
We value and encourage parent involvement in education. If you have additional questions about library access or student selection of library books, please contact the administrative representative: 
Matt Cook (last names A-G), 254-6433
Mike Kennedy (last names H-O), 254-6454
Ashlee Buchholz (last names P-Z), 254-6341

Thank you for your continued support! 
Scott Merkel, Asst. Superintendent